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Stay Sharp FitMinds Program

Retire at Home York/South Simcoe is so excited as three Stay Sharp programs have launched in the area and are attended well.  The understanding that the brain has plasticity and is enhanced by novel and complex thinking is catching on.  The fear of dementia, or any memory disease, has people paying attention to their daily exercises.  The five areas that are critical to your overall health, brain health in particular, are as follows:  Nutrition, Socialization, Mental Stimulation, Spirituality and Physical Activity.  These five areas can be focused on every day or take one per day. Today let’s talk about “Spirituality”.  Many think this is about religion and it is not.  Spirituality is our everyday experiences of depth and deeper meaning and the connection that they carry.  Spirituality is present wherever we undergo or observe deeply.  Spirituality is the essence of you, the person.  That which makes you, you!  Are you...

Education Focus: Loneliness

There are five critical areas of brain health: Socialization is one of these areas. As a person ages often isolation and socialization take a back seat. It is so easy just to kick back and watch some tv or pretend to be social on “social” media. Checking FaceBook is not socializing! “Research teaches us that humans who isolate or segregate have a higher risk of dementia than those who remain integrated in society.” Dr. Paul Naussbaum, PhD. states this as an opening statement in chapter5 of his book “Save Your Brain”. As we teach and facilitate the new program “Stay Sharp”, working with people who seek to have fun and integrate with others who are interested in congregating to play games, we are excited to find positive atmosphere and a willingness to share time with people who begin as strangers. Just yesterday at the class one woman exclaimed at...

Education Focus: Protein

Food for thought! Education Focus: What to eat? So many aging adults eat way too much and much of the wrong things. Make it part of your aging practice to study and find out how foods affect you! Our Canada Food Guide is under a great change in appearance and the foods it recommends. Here is the link: https://passport2017.ca/articles/new-food-guide-canada In the meantime have a read about protein. One of three fuel sources for the body. Teaches you how much protein you need and how a 2lb. steak is not necessary or advised! Should you have questions about your diet or food intake please feel free to ask! We can help! Protein: For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner  ...

Education Focus – Scams and people!

We hear in the news where aging adults are the target of unscrupulous people attempting to part the elder from their money.  Personally this writer has watched as a woman’s family and her bank begged her not to send money to a scammer with no success.  She is her own power of attorney and all they could do was advise, beg and plead while the ultimate decision lay in her hands and she was convinced the scammer was for real..Read More

Education Focus – Dehydration

Dementia is a word we are hearing more and more everyday as the aging adult population grows with the pending swell of people who are born between 1944 -1964. In discussion with a colleague yesterday it was pointed out the leading adults of this swell are currently 73 years old. Our aging adult care system has not begun to see the “baby boomers” yet. So many changes will happen when we do…Read More

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