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Free Home Care Assessment with a Nurse!

home care assessment newmarketDiscuss your options with a Nurse, during a Free Home Care Assessment!

The time to make decisions and begin working towards organizing help for the personal and medical needs of yourself or your loved one has come. Navigating and understanding all of the aspects related to home care services and how they will positively affect quality of life can be overwhelming.

At Retire-At-Home, our Free Home Care Assessments are designed to offer a venue in which you can pose questions, express concerns, and discuss all of the information that is important to you, and also allows our home care professionals to gather all of the information relevant to designing an appropriate schedule of services to suit you.

This in-home assessment with our Nurse can be scheduled at almost any time of your choosing, and will take place within your own environment. Whether you live in your own home and require help around the house, are currently in the hospital and are preparing to return home, or if you live in a retirement home, our Nurse Case Managers will come to you to start a conversation to address questions and concerns.

When can I book this Assessment with the Nurse?

Your appointment can be scheduled at your convenience! If your need for care is immediate, we are often able to arrange the consultation within a few hours! The provision of care can typically begin within less than 24 hours, and can often start on the same day if required.

If your needs are less urgent, or you are just trying to plan ahead, we can schedule the consultation days or weeks ahead of time, at your availability. We will work with your schedule to come to the most appropriate and convenient time. We will do our best to meet with you even outside of normal business hours, so evening and weekend consultations are also possible.

What do we talk about during the Free Home Care Assessment?

The free consultation generally takes about an hour, but there is no time limit and you are not charged if the meeting runs longer. Our Nurse will take the time to get to know you and all of the pertinent aspects of your health and home in order to create a personalized plan of care that addresses all of your medical requirements and personal preferences, while also being affordable for your budget. Openness with the nurse is important throughout this meeting to make sure we can accurately develop a well-rounded understanding of your situation and can effectively customize the right plan for you.

During the Free Home Care Assessment, we will discuss the following topics:
  • Your personal information and emergency contacts.
  • Your home environment in order to ensure that your home support needs and safety are properly addressed.
  • Your medical history, current medical needs, medications and treatments.
  • Your monthly budget and the costs of the recommended or needed services.
  • Your personal preferences and desires regarding the type of service you want (i.e. days of the week, personality of the caregiver, etc.).
  • Possible subsidies that may be available.
  • Possible start times and dates of the service.


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