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Education Focus – Dehydration

Dementia is a word we are hearing more and more everyday as the aging adult population grows with the pending swell of people who are born between 1944 -1964. In discussion with a colleague yesterday it was pointed out the leading adults of this swell are currently 73 years old. Our aging adult care system has not begun to see the “baby boomers” yet. So many changes will happen when we do.

Dementia is more prevalent today for multiple reasons and there is no one reason for this rise in numbers. Dementia is being discovered in people as young as 39 so it is not an “old person’s” disease. Dementia can rob personhood. I work with many people who are continent, fit and appear perfectly healthy, and yet, you simply need only spend a few minutes with them to discover they struggle and suffer with dementia.

Dementia is radical and wide spread causing all kinds of different behaviours in people. No two cases are the same.

Retire at Home strives to provide care for your loved one who may suffer from early stages or who may be very challenged in day to day living. We can provide one on one attention, while also giving a caregiver a needed breakaway, providing memory work to help in any way to allow a person struggling with dementia to possibly grow their brain capacity. The brain has plastic like qualities meaning it can be molded and can grow new pathways and roadways.

Please remember, dementia is an overall description for many different cognitive impairments! Our connection to the FitMinds program allows us to create individual programs to help your loved one. Call for an appointment with our nurse to evaluate and offer suggestions of how we can help.


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